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ToyzTalk is a tiny device combined with mobile application for Android and iOS that makes kid’s favorite toy a smart one and encourages a kid to play, talk, and learn
  • Back-end Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Embedded Systems Development
PArent application
iOS & Android application
Diverse Content
Being at home, office or anywhere else, parent and every family member can manage the content to play on device: set up alarm to wake up, go to sleap or eat meal; select songs, lullaby, fairytails; learn to count play yes/no quizes.
Create own playlist
When parent selects media to play, it is added to the list of the commands. All the media is played one by one and can be added several times. For every toy device is created its own playlist available for every family member.
Real-time voice chating
If parent is not around the kid, they are able to send remotely voice message which is played on the toy device or even record kid’s voice to learn what kid is doing right now.
Journey map
Explore the user experience
Customer signs in, sets up personal information
Phone connects to device automatically via bluetooth. Device calibrates customer’s correct posture
User tracks posture in real time, takes a personal analysis test and makes custom workouts
Toy device
Device with WiFi technology
To connect device to application, parent should scan the QR code on the toy, and after automatic connection, the finish the last settings. Parent should give a name to device and select kid.
Toy device
Device can be attached to any kid’s favorite toy and consists of:
SD card to save content on internal memory
WiFi to get and play content
Speaker to play music and voices
Microphone to record kid’s voice
Turn on/off and Yes/No buttons
LED to indicate device status
Toyztalk team
Admin web panel
Family groups management
Family group contains information about the users who has access to toy management, the connected devices with kid information and list of commands in real time.
Content management
Toyztalk team members are able to add new content to expand the selection for parents adding popular songs, quizes. The update for device also can be uploaded via admin panel and all the users will get a push-notification to load to the latest version
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