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Lia is a smart posture training device that tracks the position of back and shoulders via mobile application, and develops a habit to stand/sit up straight.
  • Back-end Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Embedded Systems Development
Customer application
iOS & Android application
As long as the Lia device is on, it will continuously monitor customer’s posture data, making the data available in the mobile app. App offers useful tips and fitness programs to improve a posture.
Tracking and Training modes
We provide training and tracking mode where device will gently vibrate whenever customer slouches. Customer can adjust the sensitivity, training time and vibration intensity in the App.
Track the progress
Daily trainings during 3 weeks develop a habit to stay upright. Customer can see daily, weekly and monthly posture stats & keep track of the progress over time.
Journey map
Explore the process customers go from entering the app to order receiving
Customer signs in, sets up personal information
Phone connects to device automatically via bluetooth. Device calibrates customer’s correct posture
User tracks posture in real time, takes a personal analysis test and makes custom workouts
Lia device
Device with Bluetooth technology
To connect device to application, user should turn on device and turn on Bluetooth
Device is attached to body and consists of:
BLE to communicate with mobile app
Accelerometer & Gyroscope sensors as input for our algorythm
AI to offer custom training program
On/off and reset button
LED to indicate the status
Lia team
Admin web panel
Track customers’ progress
Admin panel provides general and detailed reports about user’s progress: user’s personal details, device usage, workout plans, reports, feedbacks, personal analysis reports and statistics.
Workout plans management
Lia team members are able to manage the general and custom training plans: create, edit, adding new workous day-by-day. The detailed statistics shows the amount of active and total users, feedbacks and reports received from users.
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