UX / UI Design development

User interfaces design for humans

What will a user see , when he launches application or goes to the website? At first time, the design: its color scheme, buttons, location of the elements and graphic design. When interfaces are truly desirable, easy-to-use and navigate, people interact with your website, apps or software. So, we definitely ensure that user-friendly interface guarantees the success for your business.

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Our skilled UX / UI developers focus on the develop an innovative, customized and superlative user experience design that satisfies your potential customers. Powerful UI and UX is the key to more sales, higher user adoption rates and easier onboarding.

The directions of CRBN Tech in the field of UX / UI design development are the next:

  • Prototype development

    Creating of quickly prototypes helps to evaluate design, explore user experiences and more.

  • Selection of the color scheme

    We explore how selected color scheme influences the human behavior and motivation on app or website

  • Unique icons

    Designers create customized icon packs based on specificity of business and client’s needs

  • Graphic design

    Our dedicated team is ready to design logo, including posters, branding, typography, pattern-making.

  • User experience optimization

    Run a serie of tests in which users complete the tasks to expose usability defects of software

  • User interface testing

    Testing a software to verify that all visual elements of web or application work correctly

The process of UX & UI design development:


Research and define the main goal

Because of unique approach, we examine your business, study the requirements of your potential target audience, then offer the best solutions


Develop a mock-up

Our dedicated team create interactive, custom designs for your websites, apps and software.


Analyze and test the prototype

During testing and analysis, we modify design, make changes and determine how received result different from expected one.

If your software is aimed to habitants of Azerbaijan, ux & ui design development will make interface of your program, app or website more unique and comfortable. Also you get modern solution which will be equal to leaders of the downloads in App Store and Google Play.

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