Software testing and quality assurance

In the age of the modern technology, a huge amount of applications and websites are launched daily, so testing process is getting more relevant every day. Nowadays software testing process and quality assurance are an essential part of the success of your app or web project.

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Testing services at CRBN Tech

At CRBN Tech, our developers are here to ensure that your website, application or embedded system are realiable, free of issues and work properly. Our main objective is to be sure that a piece of code meet your business and technical requirements. Our dedicated team examine the project, find appropriate solutions, create testing plan and start testing process.

Testing services performed at CRBN Tech company

  • Functional Testing

    Testing of software to ensure that all components of code and interface work properly

  • Load Testing

    A kind of testing to determine system’s behavior under normal and anticipated peak load conditions

  • Integration Testing

    Software models are combined and tested as a group to find the errors in the integrated units

  • Regression Testing

    Helps to make sure that changes and modifies of the software don’t break a functionality

  • Performance Testing

    Software is testing under particular workload to ensure that system performs well

  • Compatibility Testing

    Check the compatibility of the created software with web browsers, operating systems, hardware platforms etc

  • Security Testing

    Ensure that software is secured, information systems protects data and maintains functionality

  • Usability Testing

    Helps to evaluate design of the website or application by getting users’ feedback

The price of the software testing services in Baku

Our experts screen carefully every project and detect even irrelevant errores and bugs, that frequently are a hindrance to success. At the end, client get the final version of the product, which brings profit since first days of operating. Let our in-house team define and implement the appropriate strategy for your software project. We will test your product and find the issues before your customers do. Call us today