Outsourcing system administration

IT outsourcing services of system administration delivered by CRBN Tech company in Baku allows to manage, maintain, monitor your network without a need to hire, train and retrain a in-house system administrator. We focus on quality and operational service, offering competitive price.

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Advantages of IT-outsourcing in Baku

IT-outsourcing is one of the effective and efficient solution to avoid lost time and money. Our expert team maintains PCs, configures servers in time, tunes network, manages software applications and consults the staff that allows you to focus on your business needs. We believe that long-tern partnerships base on trust and transparency.

We offer:

  • Assembling , connection and configuration of PCs and office equipment
  • Controlling of performance and check-ups on systems and servers
  • Troubleshooting and fixes
  • Installing updates and new software
The price of the outsourced system administration services in Azerbaijan

The cost of outsourced system administrator with CRBN Tech depends on the amount of hours spent at client’s company. The field of IT is developing dynamically, so our team keeps updated their knowledge and skills to ensure that you get high-quality service.