Desktop application development

We develop desktop application for Windows

You have heard that people were referring the term “app” to smartphone and tablet devices based on Android and iOS, but not PCs. But nowadays the trends have changed and developers around the globe build apps for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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So, what is exactly Desktop Application?

Desktop Application is a one that runs stand-alone in the traditional Windows desktop or laptop even there is no internet connection. The data will be stored locally on the computer and will be synchronized after connecting to internet. Desktop apps tend to have multiple features and can perform multiple tasks.

Development process

We offer wide range of desktop app development services for Windows, MacOS and Linux


Client’s requirements analyzation and Technical Assignment preparation



Code writing and testing



Technical service and support

Desktop application development

Whether you need a custom app for PC, our CRBN team creates desktop applications of any sizes and complexity in Baku. During the development process we take into account the features of your business and leave unattended such relevant element as a design. The solution of desktop development service has a serie of advantages.

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Our works

Project Example
189 Taxi

189TAXI is taxi-hailing application that connects you to safe, reliable rides from professional taxi drivers in Baku.

Project Example
Princeps legem

Landing page was created for a consulting firm Princeps Legem that provides consulting services in Oil and Gas Sector.

Project Example

Lia is a posture device which improves posture. Lia consists of hardware and mobile application for iOS and Android.