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SmartOrder is a platform that facilitates the product buying and delivery process from suppliers to businesses. The business can order the products from supplier by creating a list, and supplier in its turn provides delivery services. In addition, there is a store where suppliers publish available products.
  • Back-end Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
Business application
iOS and Android application
Create orders
Creating a broad network of suppliers, bussiness is able to create new order, indicating delivery address, date and adding products from the list of product provided by supplier to the basket.
Track the order
Business is able to see status and detailed information about the order selecting particular one from the list on the dashboard. The changes won’t be missed, because business gets notifications in case of order editing.
Order history
Business is able to find the orders, selecting date on the calendar or making search. In additional business manager is able to repeat the same order in one click
Supplier application
iOS & Android application
Process the orders
JST Sp z.o.o Sp.k. company specializes in coach hire and tour organization in Europe. So, we created a web application that helps to plan and track bus tours in whole Europe.
Edit order
Editing the order supplier can make changes not only in the list of products and in their amount, but also in the price, offering the business discount or indicating additional payments for the order.
Communication: Online chat, Notifications
To avoid miscommunication and contribute the fast messaging, we provide the online chat in every order. The managers from both side can discuss order details, facilitaing the work process.
Journey map
Explore the process customers go from entering the app to order receiving
Business creates connection with supplier
Business collects the products and makes order
Supplier gets nofitication and processes the order
Is neccesary supplier makes changes in the product list or price
Business is notified about the changes and is able to cancel delivery
If business accepts the changes, the supplier prepares order and provides delivery services
Admin dashboard
Web panel
Vendors are bring together in one marketplace to offer their products for business. There are posibility to add all the products, catalogues, promoting vendor’s brand and attracting new customers.
Broad network of connections
Every user of the sistem (as vendor as business) is able to create their own list of connections to make purchase or sells. The user can create connection in one click, just adding another user’s ID in the section of new connection.
Manage orders
User of the system has full acccess to manage their incoming ordes. We provice opportunity to view order details as price, list of products, company and address information. In additional user is provided with statisctics to control the revenue
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