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189Delivery - is a simple way to order food for delivery, tracking in real-time, or using other delivery services as at the restaurant or take away from lots of places and menus in Baku.
  • Back-end Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
Customer application
iOS & Android application
Discover favourite dishes and restaurants
Browse nearby restaurants on the map and search for food by restaurant name or dish. Choose from a variety of food to order: Pizza. Burgers. Sushi. Soups. Salads. and so on.
Easy ordering
Select dishes and its properties on the menu and add it to your basket with a few taps.. Order food will be delivered by couriers as soon as possible.. Or, you are able to schedule your food order in advance to pick it up later.
Real-time tracking
Track your order on a map and check the location of the courier. See the estimated delivery time to your address. Get notification when your order arrives.
Journey map
Explore the process customers go from entering the app to order receiving
Customer browsers the restaurants and favourite food
Customer selects the dishes, their properties and gathers in the basket
Customers selects delivery type, time and payment method
Restaurant gets the order and adds order to restaurant system
Restaurant starts to prepare food and package the order
Once the food is prepared, restaurant waits for courier or customer to pick up the order
Courier gets delivery order and goes to the restaurant to pick up the food
Once the order is received, courier changes status to “on the way” to customer
Courier arrieves to the customers address and finished the order
Restaurant as partner
Android tablet application
Orders management
After installation of application on tablet device, restaurant is able to get the orders. The order comes with loud notification, so there is no reason to miss the incoming order. Clicking on the order, restaurant gets detailed information about the food order. When order is ready, restaurant waits for a courier or a customer to come and receive order.
Useful functionallity
Restaurant selects the work timetable and the application will switch to online or offline automatically without a need to turn on/off by hand. Additionally, restaurant is able to check the order history, track the daily statistics of orders or select the prefered date range.
Menu management
Restaurant manages the availability of the dishes in the menu on his own. In any time manager is able to switch any dish off to make it disable to order in the customer’s application.
Android mobile application
Smart distribution of the orders
The system automatically assigns suitable couriers, taking into account the road traffic and order grouping. A smart algorithm distributes all the orders within a few minutes.
Usefool tools
Address detailes from restaurants and customers are provided in the app to help deliveries run smoothly. This fuctionality affects positively the work efficiency, logistics and the speed of delivery.
Personal account
Courier is able to track his debts and earnings during the work day, see the history of orders. In personal account courier is able to check his working schedule, and his current status or send a message to operator in chat section
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